RX100 video IQ impressive

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Re: RX100 video IQ impressive, but not as impressive as a small camcorder

Markr041 wrote:

Absolutely - the Sony HDR-GW77V
Its videos are stunning.

Hey, Markr041, trying shooting HDR-GW77V under low light, and compare it with RX100 under the same condition!

You'd find that the RX100 would blow the HDR-GW77 away under low light condition.
(and yeah, go and check it at slashcam.de yourself, the site you often quoted)

And most users would much prefer the visibly superior low light performance of the RX100 over the subtle slight edge of sharpness of the GW77 under day light.

Can you get shallow DOF video footage with GW77? No.
Can you control the aperture with GW77? No.
Can you control the shutter speed with GW77? No.
Can you control the ISO with GW77? No.

Sure GW77 has its advantages like longer zoom and water proof. But RX100 can do things which the GW77 cannot, and can perform in some situations better than the GW77.

So your blanket statement about RX100 being inferior to mid-level camcorder is totally misleading.

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