Cost for sensor replacement for D700

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Very high, but there are alternatives...

doncha wrote:

Looking for some help, I sent in my D700 for a sensor cleaning and check-up and I just checked the Service Center's web site to see the status on my order and it states that it is in "re-estimate" stage and that the sensor is scratched and damaged, etc. and the cost that it lists for the repairs are almost $1500! Holy crap! That's almost the cost of the camera! This is the Nikon Service Center in NY. Is this even close to the true cost?


Nikon does repairs at the board or subassembly level. Japan stocks "sensor boards" which have a sensor chip, a holder frame, some glass and crystal filters, some electronic chips, and a couple of cables.

Even though you've only damaged the glass filter, they don't have a procedure for replacing that filter, they replace the whole board. Unfortunately, given that the techs have to be able to repair 22 different models of DSLR, it's not possible to train them to try and fix individual boards. You'll find most industries are this way.

Or are they trying to take advantage of a situation? It's not even a heavily used camera, and I have never touched the sensor, it was cleaned by a local shop once when I noticed spots on the pics and the rocket blower and in-camera cleaner were not working. Any advice would be appreciated.

  1. Go after the local camera store for the cost of replacing the sensor board.

  2. Decide whether you can live with the scratches. Were they actually showing up in your shots?

  3. Get a shop that does IR conversions to see if they have a replacement filter and will install it for a couple of hundred $. They have to remove the sensor filter to do an IR conversion, so those shops typically have a stockpile of "spares" that they've removed from cameras.

  4. Get a shop that does IR conversions to install a "plain glass" filter. They call that procedure "AA filter removal", because the original Nikon filter isn't just one simple filter, it's a stack of four filters, glued together: IR and AA. Replacing that stack with a new one that's just IR gives you a sharper image, at the risk of some aliasing. It's like D800 vs. D800e. You could have a D700e!

Thanks. I have yet to receive any emails from them related to the new findings. Can you negotiate this inflated price at all?

Not normally. You can escalate it, but they'll just offer you a choice between having the camera returned unrepaired, or having them do the expensive repair.

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