E-M5 RAWs and CA correction

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Re: E-M5 RAWs and CA correction

SeeRoy wrote:

Well, I've installed LR4 and spent a couple of hours with it. No words are adequate to describe how sick I am, after decades of experiencing this sort of thing, of trying to work out how to make a new (to me) application do the same things other applications do. The omission of a "save" or "save as" option from LR (and I do appreciate that this is replaced by storing adjustment values in metadata) is surely the most perverse software design I've seen for some years. From the posts on the help page I'm not alone.

Yes, the first time I figured out "Export" in Lightroom was the same thing as "save" or "open file" when I open files directly to Photoshop from ACR, I said to myself "how stupid is that term for what it's doing?".

I also saw you can open files in Photoshop directly from Lightroom like you can using ACR in Photoshop, but they're also already saved in your computer at that point as a JPEG, so if you do anything else to the file in Photoshop, like use a plugin such as PTLens to make a final lens correction, you are saving the file second time.

When you "open file" from ACR to Photoshop, the file is not yet saved anywhere as a JPEG so when you do finally save the file in Photoshop after making any adjustments, it's the first save, and you can also view the projected file size and change the compression level to keep files at a nominal level. I now often save E-M5 files at an "11" compression because JPEG's are often anywhere from 13-16MB if you save using the minimum "12" compression level. If you try and set a lower compression level in Lightroom I saw no way to preview how big the resulting JPEG was going to be before you actually saved (Exported....stupid term) it.

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