Is it me or model

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Re: Is it me or model

belfox wrote:

Ericsphotos wrote:

I had a session with this model and her skin is shining like this on all the pictures. I don't complain much but is it something that I can correct in the future or the model should apply a different make up?
Could you please critic my lighting/pose also.

Your picture is rather small, but I think your model has a skin with some "lustre", a bit of transparent powder should help.

Beside that, it looks like your exposure is a bit hot, like 2/3rd of a stop. This may be linked to the fact you don't use seperation/kicker on the hair, and if you turn down 2/3rd of a stop this part would be a big black blob.

Just using a reflector camera right could take that contrast down and allow you to take out the hot spots and maintain detail in the hair. Another technique is using a ring flash at 2 to 3 stops below your main light; or tape a flash to the side of your lens if you don't have access to a ring flash (I don't either).

Yes. A bit more light on the hair, and a bit less exposure overall....

... and anyway, skin that shines is healthy.

Also the light is positioned a little low, which increases the number of planes angled just so that they reflect the healthy shine towards the lens. Lifting the main light up 10", and then aiming it back down, would have reduced the incidence of visible shine.

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