Teleconverter for DP2M?

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Re: Teleconverter for DP2M?

Gesture wrote:

Interesting, because Olympus offers wide angle, telephoto and fish-eye converters to fit certain of the MFT lenses, including the most recent kit lens. Something that Sigma might have explored when these cameras were in development. $1,000 for a DPM and the earlier models weren't much less. If possible, Sigma could likely sell converters at $200.

That's what I was thinking too. I don't know all that much about optics, but I bet if Sigma put their minds to it, they could make a teleconverter build solely for the DP2M that could give a second, longer focal length. The fixed DP2M lens seems to be a stellar performer -- perhaps Sigma could build a set of focal length converters that would be of similar quality. Their close-up lens is excellent. If the optical quality was there, Sigma would be somewhat approaching the whole EVIL concept that some users desire -- though in a rather Sigma-ish, roundabout way.

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