Can anyone tell what model is this camera?

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Re: Sorry here it is

joey_B wrote:

maninthestreet wrote:

it must be difficult taking an upright shot with the camera attached to a tripod.

You might be just trolling, but hey... most good tripods have heads that can rotate on all axes. This picture shows the head in the 90 degrees position. The tripods legs are still resting on the ground.

Even so, it isn't great.

The ideal camera for upright use (portrait orientation) on a tripod, does not need the whole body of the camera to be held on its side. Such cameras either...

  • ....shoot into a SQUARE format, which is then cropped to an upright oblong when required --(6x6cm Hasselblad, Rollieflex TLR, Mamiya TLR etc.)-- cropping to an effective 6x4.5cm format in either vertical or horizontal orientation.

  • .... or the roll-film holder at the back rotates independently of the main body of the camera --(Mamiya RB67, RZ67)-- tend to make the camera rather bulky, because the viewfinder has to be made square to accommodate the maximum dimension of the film.

Where the whole of a heavy camera is obliged to be tilted over to shoot an upright (Pentax 67, Bronica GS1, also Mamiya and Bronica 645 models), it is essential to have a really solid tripod for mounting as the centre of gravity is quite seriously displaced from the axis of the column...

... of all these reflex rollfilm cameras the Pentax is probably heaviest.....

.... so the hands in the picture may be grasping the camera as firmly as they are because they HAVE to!

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