D3s banding in LR4

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Re: Field repairs

Marianne Oelund wrote:

Service centers do not perform any challenging component replacement on circuit boards. They will only perform minimal soldering, such as required to replace parts that have a small number of solder connections.

Sounds like they're replacing the module which includes the sensor itself, i.e., you're getting a new sensor. That's largely connected by "pluggable" connectors which would not require soldering.

Thanks Marianne your very knowledgeable I hope that is the case as you know they told me that it was confidential information direct from Japan not to tell me the part, until I Nagged at them, and then they just told me it was "a fault on the imaging board and we will be applying a modification to this part" - Still did not sound like the sensor but maybe thats the secret !?
Thanks again.

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