Nikon D800E with 14-24

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Re: Oops

As far as I can tell, when in LV mode, a half press of the shutter will engage contrast based AF, as long as the camera is configured with AF on the shutter release. My first thought was that LV focussing required an AF-ON press, regardless of how the cam was configured (I'm probably just thinking this because that's how I have my cameras set up). But the D800 manual suggests otherwise.

After a little more thought, this has to be the case, because in LV the mirror is flipped up and there's no way for the phase detect AF module to "see" the scene.

OP, just to humor us, could you try focussing via AF-ON first, and then take the shot via cable release - just in case LV mode defaults to AF via AF-ON only (unlikely, but it's a simple test and worth ruling in or out).

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