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Jim Cockfield wrote:

Dave19 wrote:

I have had MagicJack for several years and it works as promised. December 2011 bought the MagicJack Plus, it works without a computer. You can take it anywhere that has a WiFi connection. I use mine as a second line, but it would work well as a primary line. $19.95 a YEAR unlimited local & long distance calling with all the options.
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Neat. I'm paying more than that per month with my VOIP service. lol

My (and they were when I started with them years ago) device works the same way. The phone number stays with the device, so you can plug it in anywhere you have internet access and the number assigned stays with it. But, I never move it (it stays in my office, plugged into my router).

Question... Do you have the option to get e-mails with voice mail attachments whenever someone leaves a message?

Yes .... Voicemail messages can be sent to your email address as an audio file.

That's a neat feature I've always liked using the service.

Check for more information. I don't think you can go wrong for the money it costs.

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Canon A80, A620

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