RX100 video IQ impressive

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Re: RX100 video IQ impressive compared to most still camera videos

Markr041 wrote:

I disagree that the GH2 and the TM900 videos are of equal quality. I own both, have compared extensively, and the TM900 has better video, even in dim light - color and sharpness. But perhaps we value attributes differently.

Actually, I didn't generally like the OOC color from the TM700 (maybe the 900 is better) or the GH2. The E-M5 actually has a nicer color OOC than either, and is quite "punchy" and sharp, probably preferable to most casual shooters. It just has a crap encoder, so if you have a lot of moving detail, the picture goes south. Ans the continuous AF stinks, which is important for casual use.

In low light is where I found the TM700 was unacceptable to me...the colors became muted and the picture got muddy. The GH2 held up a little better. I actually like the RX100 better than either for low light color.

And low light is important to me and that's where this little camera shines, more so than in bright light. If it's not important to you, then fine.

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