RX100 video IQ impressive

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Re: RX100 video IQ impressive

"The most annoying on your breaking in, in every thread about the video quality of the RX100 is the your arrogance.
Your opinion that RX100 video is inferior is YOUR opinion and nothing more.

No need continuing to try to persuade all RX100 owners that their opinions are not as valid as yours!!!
I, (RX100 owner) find the video quality outstanding!!!! "

Your last statement is fine with me; it's your opinion and what counts for you. I have said over and over that if you are satisfied with the video then you don't have to pay attention, or call names. However, that the video is inferior to other camcorders is established in tests and is not subtle.

The facts are the RX100 has lower resolution than many comparably-priced camcorders and more artifacts. Tests have shown that; it is not controversial. In addition, I can see the difference, and I care. You don't see the difference or you don't care - fine. That does not make you inferior and there is no need to be defensive. But the video inferiority to named camcorders is not just my opinion. And the mechanical restrictions on zoom are not my opinion (how important they are is a matter of style and preferences and not fact). Nor do I think everyone should have my values.

Look at the slashcam.de tests and see the basis for the concern if you want to check if this is just my weird view. And compare videos of the RX100 to camcorder videos to check. But I recommend you do not because, why not stay satisfied and complacent?

It seems like I am harping on the inferiority, but it is just my compulsion to try to clear up the confused statements like yours that mixes up opinion, tastes and facts. The Rx100 is really quite good; it is even impressive. It is just not state of the art in comparably-priced camcorders. And it is fine to say, so what do I care? (It is not fine to name call even if what I am saying happens to be wrong - just show what is wrong.)

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