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Re: He Mike,, I think its time to leave this site

Form & comp now are less important than they were for the simple reason that digital photography means 1000's of photos.

They are still important (obviously) but digital has eroded it.

Go back 20 years & if you shot a wedding you only had X number of shots to get "the" photo. And sorting thru your photos took time.

Now you can turn up, fire 1000 shots, virtually at random and you're bound to get a few good ones. Then spend an hour on a laptop scrolling thru going "keeper, keeper" etc

This approach will never be as good as a pro, but it might produce a quality / cash balance that clients are happy with.

Add to that even releativly low end SLRs have enough quality so you can crop all over the place.

The pro knows not to shoot that photo with the coke can sitting by the brides dress, the amatuer can take it & spend 5 seconds using content aware fill getting rid of the coke can...

Pros will know how to set up the photo, but with modern gear even rank amatuers can get decent shots by simply trying 20 different things or poses with the fire button

down. They have no idea which shot is the "right" one, but with the effective cost in cash & time to them of 100 photos being zero it doesn't matter. So long as they get those 2 or 3 good shots.

Its shakespeare written by monkeys. And its the modern cameras which allow it.

Its like sports shots, I've got great shots of a player being bowled in cricket, not because I knew which ball would get him, but because I can shoot 5 frame bursts every ball till I get the shot. Theres no skill, but the shot looks great. And its the modern tech that allows me to get a shot few pro's could get with film.

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