RX100 video IQ impressive

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Re: RX100 video IQ impressive compared to most still camera videos

Markr041 wrote:

"The guys over at EOSHD seem to think its good enough to intercut with Canon 5D footage. From a pocketable compact who's video is probably going to be used for home movies then I think it's plenty good enough."

First, it is plenty good enough for most.

But the reason the RX100 clips can be intercut with the Canon video clips is that the Canon video is also relatively low resolution and artifact-laden compared with camcorders, just like the RX100. You could not intercut footage with a Panasonic TM900 because its superior sharpness and moire-free clips would be quite conspicuous. According to tests the RX100 video is actually a bit better than that of Canon DSLRs (but they have superior glass to choose from).

Given Canon DSLRs are currently used for some TV and movie production, if the RX100 is better (and it is based on my using both), I think we can safely say that differences between it and the best video cameras are inconsequential when compared with most other aspects (lighting, composition, story telling) and certainly good enough for home movies.

I've owned a TM700, and was disappointed in the lens...contrast wasn't very good especially at the tele end. Video was exquisite, but let down a little by optics. And the still capability was pathetic, so I ended up never taking it with me. The GH2 was far preferable for my use due to the better optics and equally excellent video. But this was from a tech geek perspective. Both far exceeded my skill level.

So, yes, you can argue that a video camera is "better" then an RX100 just like you can argue that a Ferrari is better than a Lexus, but in the end, both get the job done efficiently and pleasantly if I'm not trying to race.

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