OMD EM5 Battery Performance

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Re: OMD EM5 Battery Performance

Lonnie Janzen wrote:

I just got the OM-D at a camera conferance this week end. Looking forward to shooting with it the next day, I charged the battery that evening and headed out. I only got 85 images (no video). before the the battery died! Very disapointing. The Olympus rep was at the show so I talked to him and he mentioned a couple of setting to change such as continuoous auto focus and I turned off the back display. Recharged. next day not quite doubled my image count! 145! I am not a heavy "chimper" so I am begging to wonder if this is common or I have a bum battery.

if the battery was fully charged, it should give your a good number of shots, 85 or even 145 doesn't sound normal unless you fired the flash in every shot. I can get about 600 per charge (no flash, moderate reviewing, equal use of LCD and EVF) with the original battery and about 500 with compatible battery. Do you have the camera on all the time even when not shooting? Set the sleep mode to 1 minute? I switch off the camera when not shooting, has become a habit of mine since the e510.

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