Panasonic Lumix DMC-3D1 short review... part 2

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Re: Panasonic Lumix DMC-3D1 short review... part 2 - Updated

So I had to give the 3D1 another try after the first one that had a blur in the right "eye".

No such problems with this one (refurbished) although at first it refused to complete the 3D calbration...a factory reset solved the problem for some reason.

Having had the W3 for 2 months now I think I'm in a good position to compare both. My biggest problem with the W3 is it's lack of a real wide-angle with its 39mm 3D in 16:9, that's really a problem when we've been spoilt by 25mm for some time now. No such problem with the 3D1 of course and if you really need the max WA for some interior photography, a switch to 2D/4:3 gets you there.

Video is of course better than on the W3 too with the much more efficient AVCHD codec. It's ligter and smaller as well although it doesn't make a huge difference in the field.

It would be perfect if :

  • it had a 3D screen

  • if had more 3D depth, but that's why there is more WA so I can compromise, at times the depth doesn't appear as "natural" as on the W3 too.

  • it didn't often display "blooming" in high contrast situations with the resulting picture giving the impression of having been "blinded" by headlights. The W3 doesn't have that problem so I suppose Panasonic are using a sensor with limited dynamic range.

That last problem is what's keeping me from considering it as a "keeper" for now.

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