Get a grip - rant beware!

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2005magnum wrote:

Many years ago I was visiting Santa Barbara, Ca. There was an art fair down near the beach. A young man was selling stunning landscapes. I asked him what equipment he used. He was shooting a Pentax K1000 with the Pentax 50mm 2.0. In those days, the Pentax K1000 was the basic SLR used by photo students that cost about $100. It was built like a tank. It had match needle exposure. The were no priorities. You shot everything in manual and you learned photography. The beauty of the photos was created by the vision of the shooter with knowledge of light and aperture.

I have no doubt that you do not need a $3000 camera to create a masterpiece. I have no doubt that a basic DSLR with 12 megapixels is as capable as the best camera of capturing fantastic images. The most important equipment are the eyes, heart and brain of the person behind the camera.

I do agree with most of your post. That guys camera might not have had all of the gizmos that more expensive SLRs of the time had but if he had a good lens and good film it is possible to get the same results as the most expensive 35mm camera. It is not possible to get the same results in a high DR scene with a D70 vs a D800. That is not to say that an excellent photographer can't get great results with a D70, but every picture that is possible with the D70 is possible with the D800 - the reverse is not true. The same goes for lenses. You can get pictures with a 24mm PCE that you can't get with an 18-200mm kit zoom. Talent is the most important thing but I still maintain that if you gave the great photographers of the past access to todays technology, most would take it in a heartbeat.

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