Get a grip - rant beware!

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Get a grip - rant beware!

They say that 90% of the picture is the photographer, 5% the sensor and 5% the lens

Puts things in perspective!

The D800 and D800E are the best cameras around at the moment.
This is IMHO and flame me if you want.

Sure the M9 is lighter, Phase one backs have more detail, the D4 is faster, etc. but as a complete package where you almost get everything - its top of its game, again, IMHO.

Really its all up to the photographer.

Gripes about the the buttons, the grip, this and that ... don't like it don't buy it!

I can guarantee that the capabilities of picture taking exceed 99% of the posters here (myself well included - strictly amateur!)

Don't believe me ? have a look at, or flickr, or anywhere else

This was taken on a 350D:

This guy uses a 450D:

My company hired a professional photographer to take pictures for the company web site and some brochures. When I arived in the office, he was using a 550D and a cheap zoom (didn't exactly see what it was). He was very good. Of course it was on a tripod, he had various studio lights and some reflective circles and an assistant. He was using a mixture of window light (tall office block) and studio lights.

My picture looked great (relatively - pictures of me always look bad - its the subject!), The other pictures I saw he did looked great.

Was that his main camera ? who knows, who cares, he knew what he was doing, picked the right tool and did a good job.

Would it have looked better using a D800E and 85mm f1.4G - yes, but probably irrelevant for this job.

This really brought it home to me!

The point is, lets see more talk here of questions on how to use, how to make the best of, technique etc. And less of stupid griping and appauling quality "first pictures" and "is it a pro camera" questions.
Well I now know that a 550D is a pro camera - go suck on that!

Yes the left AF is a real problem for some people, yes Nikon know how to re-calibrate the software offsets, yes they should have made a public announcement, but in 6 months it will all be forgotten.

I hope you all out there will have learnt more about the awesome D800(E) and be taking better pictures as a result. I know I will be trying - probably failing, but at least trying ...

Lastly, just to make clear, there are many good pro and amateur folk on here (I know, I have had some excellent advice). You know who you are.

rant over

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