To X10 or Not - HELP!

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Re: Beyond help.

Nice selective quoting as usual Bill, trolling 101 from you there. Did you completely miss the part where I called you out for being a liar? You didn't give a witty answer to that. You say you own an X10 yet three weeks ago you were stating you only had one for a day and took it straight back due to orbs. You're basically full of it and no-one should seriously take your opinion on how YOUR comparisons with the X10 and other cameras went as we can't actually ascertain if you even own one as you seem confused about the matter yourself.

You constantly bang on about how poorly the X10 compares to pretty much everything yet you MUST have bought two since you say you have one and say you returned one immediately, why would you buy not one but two X10's if they were so bad? If I'm wrong then you're lying.

To the OP, if your wife is planning on shooting 300+ shots on one charge then the X10 may not be for you unless you wish to get a spare battery. If you plan to shoot less than 200 shots on a charge it'll most likely be fine. There are plenty of choices out there, the X10 is one of the better options in terms of performance compared to it's peers. Not just my opinion but that of professional reviewers.

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