what is the trusted shop to buy 600d from Washington D.C.?

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Re: what is the trusted shop to buy 600d from Washington D.C.?

thnks alot for ur quick detailed answer

about the tests wt tests should my friend try do to the camera to be sure that everything is ok with both camera and the kit lens ?

nelsonal wrote:

optimus2 wrote:

is best buy is a trusted place to get a dslr from it ?

Best Buy is likely the most convenient with many locations across the area. I don't consider a DSLR a risky purchase, but I'd guess they have about the same number of issues as any other retailer.

is the box should be wrapped/closed not oppened from them ?

I've not bought a camera from them, the lenses always appeared not to have been opened.

he doesnt know anything about photography ( like me.. )

If he's just going to pick up a 600d, that shouldn't be an issue though most of the staff will probably only know the camera as the Rebel t3i (American branded name for what's called a 600d elsewhere).

so wht should he test to be sure that there is nothing wrong with the camera?

can he ask the seller to do it for him ? ( like taking a pic to test that the AF is ok ?.. or he can convince him that it is ok ? )
( it is only the 600d with it's kit lens )

I've not seen this happen at best buy locations though I don't spend a lot of time at them either. It would certainly be possible at one of the camera shops in the area (Penn, Dominion, ACE Photo). I've never returned anything to any of them, though, so I can't say if they're easier or harder on returns.

The photo stores would also be better for answering more specific questions about the camera (and likely offering a class or two) but if you're just getting a preselected model in a box, I'd say service expectations will be in the same neighborhood, though with a wide variance (depending on location and how busy the store is).

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