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Ericsphotos wrote:

I had a session with this model and her skin is shining like this on all the pictures. I don't complain much but is it something that I can correct in the future or the model should apply a different make up?
Could you please critic my lighting/pose also.

Your picture is rather small, but I think your model has a skin with some "lustre", a bit of transparent powder should help.

Beside that, it looks like your exposure is a bit hot, like 2/3rd of a stop. This may be linked to the fact you don't use seperation/kicker on the hair, and if you turn down 2/3rd of a stop this part would be a big black blob.

Just using a reflector camera right could take that contrast down and allow you to take out the hot spots and maintain detail in the hair. Another technique is using a ring flash at 2 to 3 stops below your main light; or tape a flash to the side of your lens if you don't have access to a ring flash (I don't either).

On the composition side : I really like the pose, and I like close framing, but in this shot you completely closed the direction she was looking, creating (for my likings) a less comfortable lecture of the picture.

Just my 2c

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