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Re: Beyond help.

Billx08 wrote:

Jimrod wrote:

Well I was meant to say "most people I've spoken to about it" but the site wouldn't let me go back and edit. In other forums I go on (yes, there are others) there aren't many complaints at all about battery life. I'm not saying it's fantastic but as one of two people posting in this thread who actually have an X10, we both seem to think it's ok.

You can't count very well. There are more than two X10 owners in this thread, and there are far more that two in this forum that have complained about poor battery life from their X10s.

Well yes, obviously there are more X10 owners in the thread now, I could explain how time works and point out that my post was made at one time and others came after but I expect I'd be called a "time fanboy" or something equally witty/intelligent.

Buy a spare if it's a massive concern or simply make Bill happy and buy a different camera, it seems to be his mission to slate the X10 and its users at every opportunity (feel free to look through his post history), unless of course they aren't happy already and his work is done.

That's not true, or put more plainly, that's a bald faced lie. It doesn't take much searching through this forum's archives to see that I've praised X10 photos and encouraged their owners, have assisted them with their problems and helped some that were looking for X10 accessories and paraphernalia, and if any people get "slated" (whether they own an X10 or not) it would be because they make bogus statements about the X10 or minimize the X10's known problems to the point of absurdity. One thing that I like about the X10 is Fuji's USA tech support. They speak honestly and accurately about the X10 (and they use them too) because unlike you, they haven't swallowed the Kook-Aid. That's what you want from tech. support. Someone that can understand and recognize a problem, because a tech. dep't that can't recognize problems (Kodak and Samsung take note) can't provide any worthwhile assistance.

Sorry Bill, I've only been on this forum for a month or so, must have missed all the praise/help threads you were in. Again I have my opinion of you, others can read through your posts on the X10 and make up their own minds, as indeed they should as one should never base an opinion on hearsay.

I don't minimize any problems about my X10 because, as you well know, mine is a pretty new 22N+ serial number model and I don't get orbs, I don't have excess sensor noise and I find the battery adequate for a day out shooting - which for me is about 150 pictures most of the time. I'm not going to make up imaginary problems just to please you. I speak honestly about MY experience of the camera, not yours.

I don't drink Kool-aid because I'm English, we drink tea

I'm happy with mine.

I'm shocked. Shocked!

Yes, isn't it shocking that someone can actually be happy with what seems to be a pretty popular product? Amazing.

Have a look at a Nikon V1 if great battery life and smallish size are top priorities, though they're not still not cheap yet...

Well golly gee, thanks for the great news. Not that it's news to me about the battery life, but that you'd be aware that my V1 gets much better battery life than my X10. There. I had to spell it out for you, otherwise you'd still be cluelessly assuming that I hate the X10 and don't own one.

You said yourself in a previous "discussion" we had that you had bought an X10, got orbs instantly when taking pictures in the street and took it back, so were you lying then or now? Or bought another despite your bad experience of it (and I'm the fanboy??)

Quote: (Billx08) "I've written a fair number of replies stating that after seeing the orbs produced by my new X10 (that I was assured by another forum member would be the latest, most up to date X10 that Fuji was delivering), I returned it the next day. What could have possibly made you assume that I still had the X10, even if you missed all of the replies that told of its return?"

So there you go, either a liar or a fanboy for buying another product despite the problems you had with the first.

"The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Maybe you still will. I wouldn't put it past you. The V1 also focuses quickly and > accurately, and unlike the X10 doesn't have a tendency to occasionally report > focus success when you can clearly see focus failure in the LCD. Slating the X10 or > telling it like it is? Has your X10 never misreported AF success?

I've not had my X10 misreport AF success, it does struggle to attain lock in lowish light (no different to other small sensor contrast-based focus systems I've used) if there are no vertical lines to lock onto, in which case I usually turn the camera to achieve a lock before recomposing.

As I've stated before the few specs of dust I could see on the inside of the lens worried me when I bought it but it doesn't show in photos and hasn't gotten worse. Bright reds on JPEG's can get overblown or in extreme cases even turn pink but I can live with this as the RAW files are fine in that regard if I need to adjust anything.

I'm happy to discuss any problems I actually have (rather than make up ones I personally don't, even if others do), but overall they're minimal for the quality of image I get from a relatively cheap, small camera. It's the first and only Fuji product I've owned and my experience of it has been very good.

Perhaps Bill's opinion on the X10 should be taken with a pinch of salt based on the above comments, especially about owning one. I'm sure he's knowledgeable about many things photography but he seems confused as to whether he even owns an X10 or not, or has bought a second one despite strongly arguing all its faults often, in which case he would seem to be suffering from some issues.

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