RX100 - Seiings to maximize JPEG output quality

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Tom Hoots
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My settings.

My settings for images such as these:

Mode: P mode - Program Auto.

Image Size: 20 megapixels, 3:2 aspect ratio. Turning it down to 10 megapixels is rubbish nonsense.

Autofocus Area: Center, or flexible spot.

ISO: Auto. Go ahead and try ISO 80 if you don't have a lot of dynamic range in the shot, and if you can get a stable shot.

Metering Mode: Multi. I haven't seen the need to go to Center Weighted.

White Balance: AWB.

DRO: Auto DRO. Turn it off if the differences between light and dark are what you're actually trying to capture.

Creative Style: Standard, with Contrast and Saturation at zero, and Sharpness at +2.

Exposure Compensation: 0. Actually, I like to use exposure bracketing, but I've been choosing the shots at zero, every time.

Everything else is either at default or isn't applicable here.

Bottom line:

1. I don't try to get results that are far, far away from what I actually want to get, and then need massive amounts of post-processing to get the results I want. No, I try to get the camera to produce as close as it can to what I want. And then I do a very minimal amount of post-processing.

2. I think the Standard color mode provides a good picture, just a hair on the "pop" side of things. Vivid is well over to the "too vivid" side of things.

3. The RX100's JPEG output is more like "DSLR" JPEG processing -- it's not heavy-handed. Mainly, it needs sharpening. In-camera, post-processing, whatever -- it needs sharpening. I use +2 in-camera, and then I use a small amount of unsharp mask after resizing in post-processing.

4. I've been very satisfied with the RX100's exposures -- I use exposure bracking virtually all the time, but I've been choosing the "zero" shots every single time.

Tom Hoots

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