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Re: knowing the camera

GaryW wrote:

That manual mode sticking when going back to iAuto.... Can't say I've ever bumped into that one. HDR vs. RAW, sure. That's a dumb UI "feature". But dump the camera over that?

Could a reason that I don't bump into this is because I use DMF mode instead?

I use DMF focusing mode too. It allows autofocus, but if I hold the shutter release half way down and I touch the focusing ring it switches to manual focus. I don't have a problem using manual focus and my wife using autofocus.

I agree with someone's posting about lack of explanation why some features are not available as the user would like to be, but that's at the time of using the camera. And the manual doesn't help much about that. There is a chart in the manual showing what features are available in what mode. It takes time to understand the camera's firmware and reasons behind that.

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