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Re: LOL...!

I "need" a better reason than excitement to buy a camera? What are you doing, giving business advice, or telling me how to live?
How about you run your business, and I'll run mine.

I'll buy a damn 1DX if I want and take an extra wedding to pay for it, Kevin.

KAllen wrote:

xerojay wrote:

Yeah, that's right. I was going to buy a camera because I was excited. That was then, and this is now, and there have been no less than three other full-frame cameras announced, launched, and available since then. I now own a 5DIII, so the 1DXcitement has expired.

I shoot weddings anyway; If I have the AF of the 1DX and the dual cards slots, what would my extra $3000 get me? I would loose that silent shutter (or ceremony & speeches shutter) that the 5DIII has as well.

KAllen wrote:

xerojay wrote:


I mean, WTF? I had a deposit on the camera what seems like ages ago...I'm not even the slightest bit excited any more, as the 1Dx is old news...yet it's still a couple of months away from being released.

What a joke the 1DX has become. A desperate joke by a company afraid to release anything, yet even more afraid not to announce anything.

Wag the dog, I guess.

So you buy a camera because you are excited. If it had been available the day it was announced you would had thought it worth buying, but a few months down the road it's not good enough. I'm looking forward to seeing the results after it's been on the market for a few months, then I will decide if it's the one for me. I will try an leave excitement behind and judge it on what it can do for me..


Well I buy on what extra will it earn me over what I have now. If it's a business you are buying for, nothing else makes any sense. It needs to return more than it's value in a very short time. How much extra has the new camera made for you?

I doubt one penny more than your old model. You need a better reason than a flash of excitement to buy equipment for a business, better off leaving it in the bank, buying shares or going on holiday.


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