ZS8, ZS19, Sony WX150? Going to Florida Wednesday!!!

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Re: Decided on the zs15....

redfoxdogs wrote:

Thanks for the info...there will be almost no time for manual reading before I will be using it!

I am going to have to hunt around for the extra SD cards and a suitable neck strap for taking on the kayak trip. I guess I could slip a ziplock bag around it. Not sure if I have a good case or not. Ugh! Why didn't I think of this before?

As several have said - "You'll love it!"

I'm loving my ZS19.

Be careful with the Ziplock bag. No proof, but a forum member from the UK cautions that a closed ziplock can seal in excess moisture.

Again, no real proof, but I DO find that my habit of keeping my TZ/ZS cameras in an (un-sealed) plastic bag has resulted in NO lint/dirt contamination of my cameras, and the finish remains "as new" also, since I started with a plastic bag in my pocket in 2007.

Previously - before bag - I had a camera ruined by pocket lint which got into it.


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