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Re: Wide prime for D700

Get the excellent Nikon 24 f1.4.

snowball2 wrote:

Hello everybody!

I'm looking for a wide prime for my D700.

My "dream" setup for travel etc. would be 24/1.4G + 50/1.4G + 105/2.8 macro. The primes I have at the moment are 35/2, 50/1.4G, 55/2.8 ai-s, 85/1.8D and 100/2.8E (I'm looking to trade this to either Tokina 100mm or Nikkor 105mm macro). My most used lens is the 50mm and I don't find the 35mm wide enough to be used with the 50, although 35 and 85 is a good setup for events.

I also have zooms, but at least the normal zooms (35-70/2.8 and 28-105) don't get used too much. My wide zoom is Tamron 17-35/2.8-4 and I'm mostly happy with it. It gets lot of use, since I don't have a prime wider than 35mm. Also my Sigma 70-200 has it's place when I need the reach.

So let's say my budget is 1000 €, then the Nikkor 24/1.4G is out of the question. Other options would be:
Samyang 24/1.4 (has anyone used this lens? Sounds interesting)

Nikkor 28/2 (Hard to find, but should have good optics. Not sure iit's wide enough)
Nikkor 24/2.8D (Small and light, but I would prefer faster lens)
Nikkor 24/2 (Faster, but not as good as the 28/2)
Sigma 24/1.8 (Any good? Has some mixed reviews)
Zoom (Either keep using the Tamron or get something else)

If the Samyang turns out to be good, it's my number 1 choice.

Have I missed something? Does anyone have any experience or opinion of the lenses in question?

Thank you!

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