Some musings on photography and business as such to come.

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Re: Some musings on photography and business as such to come.

The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.
Mark Twain

Take the above quote to heart.

History is pock marked with quotes predicting the end of many an endeavor and even a business including ideals and concepts.

With a preponderance of everyone shooting everything, everywhere, all the time we will see a plateauing of such as the novelty of this type of social shooting becomes tiresome, intrusive and yes even (yawn) boring. I'm not saying it will all end nor will it end tomorrow. I'm saying that as the novelty of easy picture taking erodes in the social construct of everyday life to a point where most won't bother anymore to take pictures of everyone and everything that at moves and/or breathes, we will see picture taking become more selective. Joe and Mary Sixpack will not feel such a need to be snap happy. That said with so many typical, boring, yawn inducing images being thrown out in society today, what will return may very well be a desire by the more of the public to look for inspiring, creative and timeless photography, be it portraits, weddings, fine art, journalistic and landscapes. The blurr of a gazillion cruddy pictures plastered everywhere nowadays will begin to see folks look for gems and better photos so to speak.

This has happened before in different ways. With each aspect of photography bringing photography more easily to the masses we saw a surge in imagery and a surge in professional start ups. The Brownie hit large format pros hard, for a while. Medium format became the business standard of the pro. 35mm range finders moved the public out of the Brownie. Pros on the go took to the 35mm and embraced the 35mm SLR too. The public moved to 126 and 110 for point and shoot as they moved away from 35mm rangefinders. Oh sure many in the public bought SLR's too but most stuck to easy point and shoots. 35mm point and shoots saw the elimination of 126, 110 and the lowely disc camera format. Pros stuck to costly medium format and to make the best of 35mm SLR's.

Digital was a big revolution, first on the pro side as good digital was expensive. But as time has moved on digital from DSLR down to now camera phones has made PICTURE TAKING CONVENIENT (not better though) to the masses and the masses jumped on this like flies to you know what. But as time passes the novelty and the coolness of taking pics anywhere and everywhere all the time will weaken. Oh, I'm not saying lots of generally boring to lousy pics will no longer be taken including by many a wannabe pro. NOTHING NEW WITH WANNABE PROS PUTTING OUT DRECK! But in time a consumer desire to wanting better and more special images will see pros who can embrace, shape to and take advantage of this rise. Cream rises to the top.

Pros who can jump on this and ride the crest or near it will find that enough of the public from individuals to families, even to business do not all just want crappy snaps or half baked sold images. They can and will buy if properly educated, impressed on and sold on to better and more dynamic imagery. JUST WAIT AND SEE!

From Monty Python. " Always look on the bright side of life."

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