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Tom: Re: Your new velcro "leather" case

Hi Tom:

Thx for posting this new leather case.

You mentioned that "front to back", i.e. from the lens to the back LCD, is very tight. May i ask how tight it is?

From your pictures, it looks like a "good fit", and not a super "tight" fit.

May I ask how you'd be characterizing this?

I'd be pleased to buy another case from that other vendor (cute case or something like that) if the fit is "good fit" and not "overly tight". I did call them yesterday but they, of course, as expected, don't really know anything about the RX100 other than the fact that they have the RX100 already in their database, which is really fast in and of itself.

That said, I seem to vaguely recall that I wasn't pleased, a number of years ago, of that vendor's quality so I believe that I might have returned their case - i cannot be certain, as it was many years ago, but if i were to recall correctly, the leather (or leather-like material) was super stiff and not supple at all. For whatever reason, it was not the most appealing to me back then, so I think i returned it. Caveat: I might not have remembered correctly!!

Thanks, Tom, as usual, for being such a good sport to post all your experiences with these cases. This is a valuable thread/resource!

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