Nik HDR Pro 2 is pretty smooth

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Re: Nik HDR Pro 2 is pretty smooth

I finally decided to buy Photomatix just as Nik released HDR Efex 2. I figured I should retest both before making a final decision.

I'm anything but a Nik fan. While some of the apps can achieve impressive results, I've always disliked their interfaces and not been a fan of the U-point stuff.

However, I thought HDR Efex 2 was much improved over version 1. It's much faster, close enough to Photomatix that I was happy with either app. It's also easier to work with. I don't use presets so I just looked at manual adjustments. The controls are simpler in Nik and very intuitive. Photomatix is tougher to work with as the controls are less intuitive and there are many more options.

Even though Nik HDR Efex Pro 2 was very good, I still chose Photomatix. While it's a bit more involved to use, I also felt I had more control. At the end of the day, I wanted control much more than quicker edits.

ken henke wrote:

Unfortunately, I am left somewhat dissappointed in version 2. I was hoping for an option for something closer to exposure fusion which is much more subtle. In my limited experience I still see more noise than what I get using Photomatix. Additionally, the halos are still an issue. Your image shows those quite well. Take a look at the dark halos around some of the clouds. There is also a unattractive dark area in the upper right of the image.

That all said, HDR Pro does work better than Photomatix on some images. Maybe I was expecting too much since I am such a Nik fanboy. Their products rock.

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