2012 Macbook Pro 13 inch with Lightroom 4?

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Re: another opinion

Thanks for the advice/comments again.

My problem with the 15 inch MBP is that once you start customizing it (high res non glare screen. 3rd party RAM, 3rd party SSD) it costs almost the same as or even more than the base retina MBP.

I think the high end 13 inch will be lots faster than my current setup, I guess it all boils down to the question would be how much slower than a quad core will it be?

As another option I'll wait to see if new imacs are announced later this month (the rumours seem to suggest they won't be though) and if not it'll be laptop time. I guess I'm looking at the high end 13 inch (with SSD BTO and later upgrade to 16GB RAM) versus the base retina (with 16GB RAM BTO). It's about $700 or so difference here in Japan, big enough to be an important consideration for a hobbyist currently with rather low disposable income............

The USB 3.0 external drive is a no brainer whatever I end up getting.

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