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Rick_X wrote:

I found a "Lowepro Sorento 20" at Staples. Fits great, looks great, has a belt loop so it can't fall off, no zipper to catch on camera - a magnetic flap close - all leather. Just be careful while pushing the camera into the case - don't push on the "On/off" button on the RX100 - that would not be good. Room for camera only.

The biggest drawback is the cost- $29.-00 US! Looks Good though!


i am very grateful for your post regarding that Staples magnet case. it is exactly the type of item i'm looking for:

i.e. horizontal configuration, magnet closure (so in winter, there's no velcro to catch onto nice sweaters), virtually exact fit, i.e. no bigger than absolutely necessay, and no extra room for ANYTHING like battery/sd card, etc.

may i kindly ask to see some pictures of your RX100 INSIDE this case please?

i know i'm asking for a lot, but i'd be so grateful. the camera completely inside, the camera a little out, etc. that would give one a good idea of the actual fit.

thanks so much and my apologies for being so demanding!!

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