Nikkor 85/1.4g an expensive dog on the D800?

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Re: Nikkor 85/1.4g an expensive dog on the D800?

Focus shift is not a death sentence you know, you learn it, adjust and move on.

If you focus optimally, the 1.4G has some advantage over the 1.8G.

If you do not like that limitation, by all means get the 1.8G. You will get some money back, and get a lighter and smaller lens. You will lose f1.4 bokeh. You may lose some sharpness in the f4 to f8 range but this is akin to moving from insanely good to staggeringly good. (probably not an issue - if you have not discovered the delights of the f1.4G in over a year, then you may not notice the difference)

Try a 85 1.8G, only you can decide if it is worth it for you.

Be careful not to read too much into these reviews. I pored over the lloyd and ming reviews, and still took the punt and went for the 1.4G, and I am glad I did. In short, I do not know what the problem was. (Lloyd also rips the Zeiss 85 1.4 for the same reason)

Yes it has focus shift, but nothing as quirky as the 14-24 for example. It has all the magic of the 1.4D in bokeh, but with the new option of stunningly sharp landscape use at f4 to f11, as good as it gets on the D800E.

We are fortunate to have to the choice between 2 recent superb designs. Certainly nothing that should leave owners of either feeling insecure. Which makes me realise - if you have owned this lens for a year and do not know if it is a "dog" or not, then I doubt anyone can help you!

Lao Fu wrote:

Lloyd Chambers has just published a comparative study (lots of great photos for subscribers) of the 85/1.4g and new 85/1.8g. The results clearly indicate that the 85/1.8g is superior at f2 and up. At just two-thirds the price of its older brother, the 85/1.8g is a real steal. Very hard to justify the additional $1,000 needed to purchase the slightly-faster-but-more-poorly-performing 85/1.4g. Lloyd's test underscores what others (e.g., Ming Thein) have been saying about the performance of the 1.4 and 1.8 versions of this lens on the D800/e. Focus shift is the culprit. I've had mine for more than a year - time to sell?

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