What's wrong with my photographs?

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Re: they're great

I think they are all a bit over the top. But I like your eye for the shot. I made a good living for a lot of years doing Photography. When I first got into Digital I went crazy with PP on Photoshop.

The older I get the less I PP anything. I go out now sometimes and never take a shot the whole day. I know you can't make a living doing that lol, but the point is find those special places and times and do the shots like you seen them in your mind to even bother to take it to start with.

I really don't think the average person is into photos of pictures of things that they have never seen in real life. I personally am sick and tired of seeing blurred water fall and seascape shots. Thats not really reality.

There are thousands of Photographers trying to make a living at it. And very few are really standouts. The one thing about shooting film was you pretty much got what you shot. I know we did tricks in the darkrooms then but you really couldn't change a lot like Digital can now.

I think you just need to back off a bit on PP and print what was there, not what you would have liked it to look like. The older you get you find the simple things are what matter most.

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