Sony 5N with the Voighlander 15mm

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Re: Sony 5N with the Voighlander 15mm

Me Too - Me Too - Me Too.

I take this lens with me every time I go out. I generally keep it at f 5.6 (its best aperture) with the focus set at the 2 meter mark - that's sharp from infinity to just under a meter (or 3' 4", as some might say).

Jefenator wrote:

I'm generally glad I got the 7 instead of the 5n, except when I hear about this lens.

The 15mm Helliar was originally a non retro-focus wide (which is why it's so small and sharp), but that's not-so-good news for the 24MP sensor in the N7. If you can live with an extra step in your processing when you use this lens, then CornerFix (as mentioned above) is a good solution to that problem.

CornereFix is a free (as in beer AND speech) app, available at ).
David D

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