Canon's 18mp Sensor

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Re: Corrections

Aku Ankka wrote:

Now, normalized (ie. the whole sensors compared) results:
Canon DxOISO 2322 - 25.8 dB
A77 DxOISO 2612 - 24.6 dB (it is slightly lower at 2322 too)
NEX-7 DxOISO 2617 - 25.9 dB - 20% less light gives better SNR18.

You can normalise the "ISOs" too for the SNR18 dB values using:

10 log10(ISO_to_be_normalised/ISO_ref)

For ISO2322 compared to ISO2612, that's -0.5dB.

A negative adjustment because the SNR18 will be a bit lower at a higher ISO. The Adjusted figures rel. ISO2612 are:

600D: 25.3dB
A77: 24.6 dB
NEX-7: 25.9 dB


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