Advice on wireless SU-800 vs Radio Popper

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Re: Advice on wireless SU-800 vs Radio Popper

I own two SB800s and an SU800 and three pocket wizard Plus 2s. I the last tow weeks I have been taking hummingbird pictures here in Colorado. The SU IR system totally fails. Bright sun is a problem but the bigger problem is just the outdoors. The SB800s have their IR sensor on the left side when viewed from the back. So it you set up two strobes left and right of the subject either slightly behind or in front of the subject the SB800 on the left sees the SU800 or the build in flash of your camera in commander model The SB800 on the right had its sensor pointing away from the Command unit. I've messed with mirrors and reflectors to bounce the signal around the body of the SB800 and it takes a lot of fritzing to get it to work. In addition if you take pictures with other Nikon flash users like I do with a local photo club the SB800 is firing in response to the other flash units. Radio controllers can be set to unique frequencies so there in an independent aspect to them. Five years ago I had an SB800 burn out from all the flashes in a group portrai session.
Ken Eis

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