Upgrade 2 lenses or go from 60D to 5D2?

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Re: Shouldn't you know what he/she shoots first?

While it is true your shooting circumstances will dictate to a degree your camera/lens selection, but, good glass will always be good. Lenses that aren't as good will always be not as good. It will also dictate what kind of camera you use as well. Granted, if you are shooting stills to post to the web, you probably don't need a two thousand dollar lens. Nor do you need a two thousand dollar camera to take photos. The resolution of both a high dollar camera and lens combo is pretty much not needed for that and most inexpensive bodies and glass will do just fine. Also, with the great post software available many issues with inexpensive camera and lens combos can be improved in post.

In the days before digital the two things in film that remained constant were good glass and a good film stock. You could shoot just as detailed a photo on a Canon FTb as you could on a Canon EOS 1v. Granted the 1v would have a broader range of capabilities built into the body but the glass and film stock were the most important components.

Now, digital bodies have replaced film stocks and they change every few years at a much greater expense than switching to an improved film stock used to be. The only constant left now is good glass. We are always having a need to upgrade the bodies as the technology advances. There will be advances in lenses as well but even older well engineered glass can be a valuable asset in your lens kit.

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