Nikon D800E with 14-24

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Missing the point

PatFahey wrote:

Marianne Oelund wrote:

About as solid as it gets: I've developed compression/decompression code for use in flight control computers. Lossless means precisely that: There is no difference between the original uncompressed data, and the data that comes back from the decompression process. If there was any difference - even a single bit - Boeing 777 airplanes wouldn't be flying.

Are you suggesting that the compression/decompression algorithm used in the 777 is the same as that used by Nikon in the D800?

No, and why are you imposing such an artifical requirement? The point isn't the specific algorithm; there are many, just as there are many types of data. It is only that lossless compression/decompression - using any algorithm that's truly lossless - returns the original data uncorrupted.

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