Which is the better P&S: LX5 vs GX1

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Re: Which is the better P&S: LX5 vs GX1

trevmar wrote:

Well, let's see. Are you going to take the time to get your kid to pose exactly right so that you can use the better bokeh of the GX1? Do you need the 2 stop extra sensitivity of the GX1? Will the GX1 be comfortable in your pocket at all times?

So there's your answer, I think

Not for poses - I know the GX1 is best for that - this is for "in the moment" photos.

2 extra stops is nice in that don't have to worry about the flash and how the flash will affect the picture.

I find the GX1 with pancake to be the same size (pocketability wise) as the LX5.

The issue is getting the camera ready for the shot quickly and making sure the shot is a "keeper". There's nothing I hate more than a camera with great picture quality but that only 1/100 pictures are keepers (I'm looking at you Canon G1X).

So what I am looking for is a combination of:
1) Power on time.
2) How good the "auto" mode is.
3) Autofocus speed.
4) Autofocus accuracy.
5) "Shot-to-shot" time.
6) Low light/High ISO capability

In that order.

If the LX5 is close enough, then I'll save the couple hundred dollars and get that. I'll also take the time to anticipate the suggestion of the RX100 - too small for my hands and at that price I'd go m4/3's for sure.

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