What's wrong with my photographs?

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Re: boring sells -creative we need not be

Agreed, as long you make a distinction between what sells and what is art. Most commercial photos we see are of models headshots or people wearing stuff companies want to sell.

But you can play a lot - tell a story with a photo. Something like this:


I am currently practicing studio portraiture and try to think of ideas. One of the idea that I had, for e.g., is to have a model in front of the dressing table putting on make up to do make up, with a picture of someone like Marylin Monroe stuck on the mirror. She is obsessed with her and trying to her as much as possible. Emotions and stories like this can be conveyed using a single picture. And I am sure if I take a few hours, I can find more examples where people have actually done this well.

Many photographers have an "editorial" section in their websites. That is how the boundaries of what is possible are pushed. And if you try hard enough to find, such avant garde work is not that uncommon on the internet. There is lot of creativity in the world.

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