Swapping my Canon 24-70 for a Tamron

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Re: Swapping my Canon 24-70 for a Tamron

Big mistake Canon made not putting IS in the new 24-70 considering video was what made the 5D2 the killer camera it was.....videographers. I know most of the highest end videographers in LA and they simply need IS and why they continue to use the 7D with 17-55 2.8 IS. The new primes Canon is coming out with that has IS are of no use to them either. They all want a 24-70 with IS and they won't buy a new full frame DSLR without one. Heck, lots are starting to shoot with Panasonic for the size advantage.

Canon: Give us a 24-70 w/ and w/out IS. Give us a choice because you're losing the market that made you so rock solid: Videographers.

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