First photos using the E-M5 Digital Teleconverter Function (imgs)

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Re: First photos using the E-M5 Digital Teleconverter Function (imgs)

I'm impressed! I've been interested in using DTC, but did not know that it is a resampled file. I will plan to use in the future, thanks to your commentary and photos!

daddyo wrote:

When I first read about the E-M5 Digital Teleconverter (DTC), I was pretty excited since I love doing wildlife and bird shooting. The prospect of having an equivalent of 1200mm using my 75-300mm on the E-M5 was indeed enticing.

There seems to be some confusion on whether this function simply crops the image to half size -- like the old digital zoom of P&S cameras, or if it crops the image and then resamples it back to full resolution. Unfortunately, I don't think the Olympus description of this feature is very clear on the issue. However, I have checked the files in Photoshop, and am happy to verify that the camera does, in fact, produce a resampled, full resolution file.

Now, I know that some will say, "So what, you can do that in Photoshop.", but once again this feature saves the extra time and effort -- and allows composing the image while you are shooting.

In setting up my new E-M5, I have assigned the DTC Function to my Fn1 button -- and I have the EVF info set to show the screen with the DTC icon when it's on, so I won't accidentally forget and leave it on.

Anyway, I think the results are pretty amazing -- below are a few examples from my first day of shooting with the E-M5. I think I will be using the DTC function quite a bit.

God Bless,

Here's a shot of downtown Austin @14mm using my 14-42mm kit lens (Note the 'pointy' building just right of center -- It's the Frost Bank Building)

Here's an uncropped shot of the top of that building using my 75-300mm @ 300mm, without the DTC on:

Here's an uncropped shot of the top on that building taken from the same spot using my 75-300mm @ 300mm with DTC on:

Here's a shot of a couple pigeons on the lamp post using my 75-300mm @ 300mm

Here are the same pigeons @ 300mm with DTC

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