RX100 Continuous Autofocus Doesn't Stop Seeking Even With Still Subject

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I encountered this "not being able to lock in a focal point" today.

I was trying to take a close up picture of a bowl of small red tomatoes, and it kept on seeking and seeking. It was actually unable to lock in on a focal point. Yes, it was UNable to - not that it was eventually able to, but it was UNable to at all!

i went further away, say 8 inches away (instead of the previous 4-5 inches, roughly), still no joy.

i went further still, say around 12 inches, no joy.

it might be a situation where the smoothness of the bowl of tomatoes hit the weakness of this particular contrast detect (is the RX100 even contrast detect? I don't know!) method/system?

i'm certain that there will always be SOME tricky situation that will trick ANY system, so that's not a big deal.

just wanted to contribute my experience here on this relevant thread so there will be a wiser, combined knowledge base on the RX100 soon.

Thx in advance.

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