The latest D800 Serial Numbers?

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Re: The latest D800 Serial Numbers?

From the above two numbers of 6034xxx with one being bad and the other being good, I don't think you'll derive any useful information from acquiring them. I suspect this is an assembly line issue where one line has a problem and it won't show in the general serial numbers, just the range and then is not that concrete to say all 6034xxx numbers are bad.

This may not be straightened out for a very long time. The oily mirror spatter thing went on for about one year in the D7000 and has quieted down a bit now towards maybe the end of the D7000 life run and maybe some newer model coming along in the Fall to replace it. Might be fully addressed by then.

In a sordid way, it may be a good thing for some bodies to have issues as it keeps their repair and warranty network working. They could end up like a Maytag repairman with nothing to do and then they might just fold up shop and leave. "Want your camera fixed? Send it to Japan. Shouldn't take anymore than four or five months, after you send us the photo documentation and tests."


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