E-M5 RAWs and CA correction

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E-M5 RAWs and CA correction

I've been agonising about which of the n-300 superzooms to buy for occasional wildlife snaps. This has brought me back to the issue of CA with the E-M5/lenses/software. In the tests I've read the Panasonic 100-300 seems to have very bad CA. Years of processing Nikon RAWs with CNX2 had me forgetting entirely about CA as a problem (although I have mainly excellent lenses where this isn't extreme.)

I currently have the kit 12-50 plus the Panasonic 14 and 20s. I've noticed that I need to add a lot of CA correction for the Panny lenses, for which I've saved profiles. The 12-50 files still need a bit - but far less. I'm currently processing the RAWs in Olympus Viewer which is a real PIA compared to CNX2.

My question is, does the OLY lens metadata contain anything that enables the RAWs to be auto-corrected for CA (in OV, not in-camera)?

This would swing my lens choice a little more toward the 75-300 although apart from size and a slightly more useful FL range, it doesn't really seem any better and is appreciably slower whilst being substantially more expensive.

I'm reluctant to buy LR to solve this problem, not least because I'm no fan of Adobe's pricing policies.

As a related aside one thing I've noticed with this camera, although I haven't really done any structured tests, is that its files seem to suffer very badly with fringing at high contrast edges, far worse than anything I've ever seen with Nikon. It seems that this is why in evaluative metering mode the camera tends to underexpose hugely (up to 2 stops) in an attempt to prevent this. An otherwise optimally exposed file will usually exhibit blinkies at the edges of high contrast (say a black-on-white notice board) unless you dial in negative exposure compensation to an unacceptable extent or tweak the curve.

This is the one area of the OMD E-M5 (that bl00dy name!) that I find continually troublesome after using a D700 for years.
Sorry the topic wandered a bit...

Nikon D700
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