What's wrong with my photographs?

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Re: human nature

Your gallery is very nice and shows a discipline you give to your photography. Today, because of the internet, youtube and facebook and the amount of created media that lives on the web, that media becomes very idiosyncratic in its style and content, whether stills or video. By that I mean that some image or video that has had special effects filters applied to it in post processing may really appeal to some and not others. Conversely, an untouched image straight out of camera may appeal to others. And because it is on the web, anyone and everyone can justifiably be a critic.

All you can do it shoot and process for what you feel is right. Then take the consequences of that effort, good or bad. If you create an image and somebody criticizes it, but you still feel what you created is what you wanted to present, then you are secure and committed to how you approach your work.

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