How Wide is the 20mm?

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How Wide is the 20mm?

This question has been discussed a bit. Some people have said the 20mm is closer to 18.5mm and others have questioned the statement. I thought I'd share a few comparison photos I took, comparing the 14-45mm, 20mm, 9-18mm.

First, here are two images from the 14-45mm. The first is the shortest that the camera registers a 20mm focal length. The second is the widest the camera registers the 20mm focal length.

Now the 20mm f/1.7:

Comparing the widest of the 14-45 and the 20, its clear that the 20mm is slightly wider, however, it is nowhere close to being anywhere near 18/5mm. Maybe 19.5mm? I don't have the Sigma 19mm to compare. Par of the question is which of these three images is closest to 58.72°, which is what a 20mm should be.

And as a side note, here's the difference between the 20mm and the 25mm. And as I've said before. I don't think it should be a question of getting the 20mm over the 25mm or the 25mm over the 20mm. They're just too different. Now if the question was, whether you should get the 20 or get the 17mm, then that's a different question. The 20mm is by far the superior lens.

PS - anyone want to guess what I do for a living? And no, its not build cheap bookshelves out of scrap wood. That's just a hobby.

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