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Laagwater wrote:

Allan Brown wrote:

Laagwater wrote:

Hi All, i'm new on this forum. The last years i was shooting Nikon Dslrs but i want less weight to carry and i'm reading a lot into M4/3.

I want a camera wich i will mainly use with primes. I allready have a nikon E 50mm 1.8. a nikon MF 105/2.5 and i love my AF 180/2.8. For the future i would love a nokton.

My question is, how hard is manual focussing on m4/3 camera's and wich camera do you like for MF. Myself, i like olympus because it stabilises all my lenses. Also. are the camera's with VF onboard easier to use with MF lenses?

Thanks for thinking with me...

Seems like you are getting confused answers regarding the magnification on the Panny.

First, you do not need to use the magnification feature but, depending on the lens, it does help. I find my G3 far easier to manually focus than with my D40 or Pentax Kx.

With the G3, once set up, all I do to see the magnified image is to press the rear wheel. Press it again and I am back to normal.

I can also do this with my EPM1 via the video button.

Differences: With the G3, I can have picture-in-picture so that the magnified portion is in the middle of the screen. The outer edges show normal view.

This is really good for framing and focusing at the same time.

While in the magnified view, if I press the shutter, the magnified view turns off. This is great for quickly viewing the entire screen.

The EPM1 does not do any of this.

I have my video button set up for magnify. Single press turns it on but you have to press the button a second time to return to normal - the shutter button will not do this.

Also, there is no picture-in-picture.

So, for focusing, the G3 is far better than my EPM1 - even if the EPM1's EVF is attached.

I believe the EP3 is the same as the EPM1 in this regard. I don't know about the OMD.

The IBIS does give a slight advantage but, unless the OMD is different, the G3 is still far better for focusing. The G3 does have a larger EVF than the OMD and this helps a lot.

There is no focus indication on either system but, as I said, I find the G3 far better than my D40 or Kx.

I have the 105 f2.5 and a Pentax 35 F2. Both, on the G3, just snap in and out of focus - even at f8 (depending on the ambient light).

The GH2 should be just as good as the G3 for focusing - perhaps better as it has a larger EVF.


Thank you Allan for your reply.

Good to hear that manual focussing was easier for you on your G3 than it was on your DSLR. That thing worried me the most.

The picture in picture is nice indeed. I have looked at the GH2 and G3 and esp. the G3 gives a lot of features for your money. I didn't know that G3's EVF was bigger than that of the OMD. I really have to look at them in a shop side by side. A G3 would give me space to buy a good lens with it, wich is always nice.

The OMD has the advantage of its IBIS, the higher iso's maybe and from what i read about it, its colours are more appealing. (to much magenta on the G3?)

I'm not in a hurry, so maybe i wait till panasonic give more details on the G5 or GH3 and buy a G3 even cheaper...:-)


The G3 and OMD EVF's have the same number of pixels but the G3 is larger image wise. The OMD is supposed to overcome certain distortions in the EVF image as the camera is moved. While this is probably true, I have never noticed the problem in my G3. Anyway, it is not recorded in the photo.

It is the larger EVF image that makes it better for manual focusing. It is unlikely you will be moving the camera while focusing.


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