What's wrong with my photographs?

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Re: human nature

Thank you for taking the time to give feedback.

Yes, I print HUGE. One thing I learned from Peter Lik is "GO big or Go home".

Do you guys think my stuff looks as processed as some of Lik's more popular shots? Even I think some of his work when viewed online looks WAY overcooked, yet he is known for making some of the most impressive prints in the photographic world.

I don't really think people are acting jealous or anything, although I would be flattered to hear that. haha

I think it really comes down to my focus on the print market, which requires a much more heavy hand in the PP department.

marcio_napoli wrote:

Hi Johan,

As I stopped reading the thread on the 9th or 10th post, t's funny how nobody has actually commented this.

Your photography is just magnificent.

I loved every single one of them. I imagined those printed very large, and displaying at a reception on a fancy place.

I would gladly pay for such a wonderful work of art.

And why is that you're receiving critics as you get better and better?

As House would say: simple and rotten human nature.

It's human nature to scr@w one's work, just to feel better.

The reason can be fear of competition, fear of threat, jealousy, or anything similar to that.

People can get nasty, as soon they realize you've got potential.

It's like:

A man enters the gym and start weight-lifting seriously. 6 months later he's strong as a bull, and has never gone into steroids.

He is just extremely dedicated to his training. He's pushing himself further every single time.

But be sure everybody will say that man is on steroids. People simply can't feel good watching the progress of another folk.

That's just how sad it gets.

I can say I have a story similar to yours.

As I progressed my career and the quality of my work very quickly, I realized I was gathering more enemies than friends and allies.

People just can't feel good when they see someone focused on hard work.

They gotta hammer you till you fall.

Not everyone is like this, but be sure it's part of human nature. And that's sad.

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Marcio Napoli

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