What's wrong with my photographs?

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Re: So, are they accurate?

BAK wrote:

I asked whether the pictures looked like the scenes.

In the thumbnails across the bottom of your screen, all the greens look overcooked to me, but I have not been to your swamps, bogs, rivers, beaches, etc.

And I know some people love smooth milky long exposure water, but I also know that in real life, most of the time the water does not look that way.

3,000 photos a month is a lot of pictures.


Sorry I did not reply directly to your question.

Yes, actually. They are fairly accurate to the impression of the scenes I witness. The rainforests of the Olympic National Park have a transition period of several weeks where everything is just hyper green. Only a slight bump in saturation makes them look pretty wild. Another thing, is that I seek out the absolute BEST scenes that I can find that look surreal. It's kind of my mission to actually find stuff in nature that looks unbelievable (literally). The very first shot on my webpage is actually PP the least of all my shots, yet it looks like it was painted fake by an artist. It took me a year to finally get that shot, which I have never seen anyone else ever capture before. The atmosphere, light, and vegetation all have to come together at the single perfect moment. I take this profession very seriously.

I actually agree with you guys that some of the shots look over-cooked at small sizes. That pano on the front page of the ferns and trees? That thing is 18,000 pixels wide at native resolution. When downscaled to 500 pixels wide, it tosses out a huge amount of NON green details that cover the entire scene. It looks VASTLY different at 100% full res.

My PP is for printing, not internet. That may be the reason for some of my harsher feedback.

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